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Our Vision / Why Fused Glass?

The name of this company honors our founder's mother, Laurie Siegel. She was not only a talented fused glass artist but also an incredible human being - an inspirational educator, passionate about social justice, deeply rooted in her DC community where lived until her passing, and a loving mother, sister, daughter, aunt, and grandmother to both her direct family and many others around the world that came into her life.

The fusion of glass also pertains to our vision!
We believe that the world is shattered in so many ways and by working at various levels, from supporting individuals and local community struggles to international solidarity, we can contribute best to fusing the world back together and making it a more beautiful place. Through this, we contribute towards building an international community that all live with freedom, justice, and equality.

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About Us

Emily Siegel
Founder and Principal Member

Emily is based out of Washington DC, where she was born, raised, and where her passion for a just world for all was born. Growing up in the '80-'90s era of DC, with a mother who taught in DC Public Schools and a father who worked for the DC government, gave Emily both a unique insight into the structural, economic and social inequities within the city and taught Emily about her own privilege as a white person. Those lessons bloomed into a passion for community organizing towards peace, justice, and equity for all.

Emily is a proud graduate of DC Public Schools - the Capitol Hill Cluster Schools and Wilson (now Jackson-Reed) High School. She then graduated with a BA in International Relations with minors in Jewish Studies and Sociology from the University of Delaware. Emily also holds an MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from the School of International Service at American University. Her research there focused on the intersection of justice, peace-building, and social change through education.

From 2010 - 2022, Emily worked at Eyewitness Palestine (formerly Interfaith Peace-Builders), a transformational education program that inspires and trains participants to be accountable lifelong social justice advocates in the Palestine solidarity movement and within their own communities. There, Emily led the organization's programs, served on the management team, and as the necessity arose at this small non-profit, she became knowledgeable in many other areas of work. While the positions Emily held focused on the management, further development and expansion of the organization's programming, she also took on major roles in areas such as marketing and communications, organizational development, grant writing, and partnership acquisition.

Prior to her work with Eyewitness Palestine, she held consultant positions with Partners for Peace, AMIDEAST, and the US Institute of Peace.


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